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Mention: Jews on First

The good folks at Jews on First decided to include an essay I wrote on being Muslim in America as part of a resource kit they are putting together.

Broad attacks have been launched against the validity of Islam as a religion and the situation of Muslim-Americans has been made more precarious in ways that many Jews have found to be all too familiar. In the course of our research on the issue, we have found many articles and sermons to be very helpful in charting the course of the controversy and in articulating principles that can help guide our response, and we have compiled some of the most useful and uplifting examples for you here. In particular, we are awed and heartened by the number and quality of Yom Tov sermons that this discussion has inspired, and we are proud to share them with you.

Revealing Ramadan

In 2009, On Faith, now On Being, ran a wonderful series called Revealing Ramadan, for which I was asked to contribute. They re-ran the series this year, in 2010, and I just wanted to highlight it once more.

From my written piece:

Of course, if God is First and Last, how does one end the day, but in the same way? The rhythm of the day is punctuated by these two moments, but in the middle, God is never forgotten.

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