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An American Muslim University | The Revealer

An American Muslim University | The Revealer.
I first met Scott Korb in the summer of 2010. It was at a time in New York when the Islamophobia Industry was holding a fundraising drive by saying that building houses of worship and praying was un-American; saying they were vultures retraumatizing the city for their own personal gain and amusement would be too charitable. I was doing a lot of press at that time around Park51, and I get an email from Korb. He wants to do a piece on American Muslims. I am wary. There are all sorts of media instapundits emerging around Islam, and news reporters inserting themselves into that role; or worse, because Korb indicates he’s writing a longer piece, I fear he may be a cultural tourist, picking and choosing what he likes to create his vision of an American Islam.

Should You Social Media Fast During Ramadan?

Should You Social Media Fast During Ramadan?.
Islamic scholar Hussein Rashid, on the other hand, has been going the exact opposite route when it comes to the holy month and social media since 2009. Over the last three Ramadans, Rashid estimated that he has tweeted between 35 and 40 percent of the Quran to his 3,000 followers. 
"I can definitely see the argument that you want to abstain from things that engage you too much, that are a distraction from your spiritual life," Rashid said. "I guess my approach is that these are things that are part of my daily life so how do I make them part of my spiritual life?"